Assistant Professor

University of California, San Diego

Dept. of Political Science &

Global School of Policy and Strategy

twitter: @aspaglayan

I am an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego, where I specialize in comparative politics, political economy, and the political causes and consequences of education policies. I am also a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development. 

My work focuses on understanding what motivates politicians to provide more access and/or better quality education, and on the long-term political and economic repercussions of different education policy choices. I use original datasets spanning long periods of time to study these issues in developing and developed countries, especially in Latin America and the United States.

I approach my work from an interdisciplinary perspective drawing on political science, economics, education studies, and history. I received my PhD in political science from Stanford University, an MA in education policy (Stanford), a Master of Public Policy (Georgetown University) and a Licenciatura en Economia magna cum laude (Universidad de San Andres, Argentina).

Before pursuing an academic career, I worked on a range of public policy issues from macroeconomic to labor to education policy in small think tanks and in two international organizations: the World Bank and the IDB. These experiences have informed the questions I study and how I think about the world.

You can download my CV here.